I'm looking for a group for YM Production, anyone willing to join please leave your info at the bottom and what you are good at. Type of games we make will be decided amongst the group!
Contact Info: [email protected]
Name: DarDar
Age: 16
Expert: Forum, Hub, Logo
Info: [email protected]
Added you.
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I want to make a game about making Methamphetamine.
Kumorii ... nice to know I think o.e
wow, so much trouble is deleteable 'XD
Hey, uh, I would like to join, but the thing is, I have hundreds of icons or so, (around 200-300) but they are all for DBZ games. I can only icon for DBZ games, so I would join if that's the case, if not then no.


Key: SeymourG
Known in game as: SeymourG
Specialty: DBZ Iconning
E-mail: [email protected]

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