Poll: Which anime is the best?

Naruto 29% (32)
Gintama 4% (5)
Bleach 22% (24)
Gundam (Any) 4% (5)
Dragon ball (Z, GT) 13% (15)
Other 25% (27)

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Lige wrote:
FMA, Inuyasha or S-CRY-ed for me - so... other?

Those where the animes I couldn't remember!
Clearly none of the options in this list of filler.
Gundam because i like mechs, then comes naruto and last bleach.
Cool most people have different opinions.
Outlaw Star.
LordAndrew wrote:
Outlaw Star.

Never heard of it. I think I might look it up.
Boku no Pico.
Stephen001 wrote:
Boku no Pico.

Someone had to do it, so it might as well have been me.

My tastes in Anime vary between 14 year old boy, and 14 year old girl, so.
I love Bleach, Gundam, and DB (Z/GT) <3
One Piece, obvlsy.
Either Haibane Renmei or Now and Then, Here and There.
After I saw Code Geass, nothing was able to live up to it.
Eden of the East or Full Metal Alchemist for me.

Code Geass is lol.
The fact Gundam is topping Naruto and Bleach makes me cry in joy.
Gurren Lagann has to be one of the best. It tops the ones listed easily.
Soul Eater