Fooldom Come

by ACWraith
Fooldom Come
A subscription for rewards in multiple games.
Some form of MeanderGall should be uploaded by the end of IainPeregrine's GSD 2011. However, my rate of release has not been impressive as of late... Granted, my health was a factor.

Lifetime Fooldom Come subscriptions were priced as an investment in my future projects. Outside of the now-expired Gift Me Games Deal, it has not been much of a bargain.

I'm now pricing lifetime subscriptions as a discount bundle with whatever games are currently available. At $9, the price is now less than half of what it was.

For now, I'll also accept Steam gifts from my wishlist so long as the BYOND key for the subscription is listed in the gift message. (BTW, there's a $5 daily deal as I write this.) Just know that my pile of shame is still huge from the Thanksgiving and Christmas sales. ;)
Now there's a deal. Sub'd.