Naruto Shippuuden World Destruction

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Why don't we have All the Tailed Beast 1-10. (Yeah there's 10 it's the Juubi.Sharingan Type Demon )And like a Hokage can get a Bijui Extraction Skill and Akatsuki Leader Can Extract it too...and you can also if your and Uchiha You can Control the Demons with Sharingan and Why Not make Sharingan and Rinnegan type thing like Tobi.Yeah might sound stupid bit come on do it AND MAKE SUMMONING SCROLLS!

and make a wider map traveling thing
We are already on that, however we have to finish up fixing all current bugs and finish current updates, once the game is more stable we will add in all of the Tailed Beasts.

- Death CEA
Mean all of it like Bijui Extraction the Juubi And some ORG techniques. Summoning Scrolls and WIDER Map Traveling and SECURE BASES!
Include:Seven Samurai Swordsmen
And Quick Question if i pitch and some more Idea's can i Be first to get A Bijui or can i like do some work to get Either Kyuubi Shaaku Doubt can't blame a guy for asking

Basicly if icons are changed and A Person can change to CHAKRA MODE AND A HUGE FRICKIN TAILED BEAST
Basicly just put Little bit of stuff and in the anime and The old stuff Enhance It
Please include all these Tailed beast
And Please make it posible For Someone who REALLY HIGH Lvl and Control the the TAILED BEAST With sharingan...And make like some war grounds so if a Village Declares War on Another or on the akat or Taka
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PS:Can i Be in the Staff please... like a mod of something anything Come on let be in staff (-.-) [_$_0_$_]
Asking for Mod Will not get you a position in Our Staff, if we need more members we will decide who get recruited. As for a larger map, we are in the process of redoing the map, and putting them in sections.

-Death CEA
Yes sir Mr.President sir!
You should put in Sharingan Gene of Obito Madara Sasuke and Kakkashi And you should include Kamui so 1 can Teleport to a Location and 1 Can Put a Maximum of 9 people in the Kamui DIMESION .
if you don't know what Kamui is Here is Some details and kinda what im talking bout wat to include
CONCEPT Of What im trying to Explain
Each of Obito's eyes is able to transport objects to the other dimension. By creating a swirling distortion centered on the eye, the user is able to open a void into the other dimension. This technique's effect acts as an attractive force, both visibly drawing the target inwards and distorting their form until they disappear, although physical contact is required to absorb a target. After absorbing targets through this process, the user is able to eject them from the eye used at any time of their choosing. Obito has demonstrated the ability to eject objects with varying degrees of force, allowing him to attack using weapons of gigantic proportions and/or quantities with relative ease and at a moment's notice, giving opponents little opportunity to react
The left eye's primary use of Kamui is based on line of sight and, as such, does not require physical contact to warp a target into the other dimension. By focusing to create a barrier space and concentrating on the target within, Kamui will distort space and the target will be drawn into the other dimension. When Kakashi first used this technique, it required great concentration and was difficult to aim, dragging in only Deidara's arm when he aimed for his head. By the Invasion of Pain, Kakashi was able to use Kamui to stop a speeding nail from penetrating his head
The unique trait of this eye is the ability of intangibility. When activated, any part of Obito's body that overlaps with a solid object is seamlessly warped to the other dimension, making it appear as though he is phasing through them. Using this ability, Obito can dodge most attacks, and by overlapping his entire body into large objects, he can not only conceal himself from view, but erase all traces of his chakra. Obito is also able to enter and travel through the ground using this ability, a characteristic he often exploits to ambush his opponents from below. Though he is unable to establish any physical contact while being intangible, Obito can still use chakra chains. He also seemingly possesses the capability to extend this intangibility to whatever he's touching at the moment of activation, as long as he is able to maintain some form of contact with at least a part of the desired item or person

And Be Sure to Add CHAKRA MODE And be sure to add Bijuu Extraction