IainPeregrine's 2011 Get Something Done challenge is now over.  The roster of participants was posted.  How many succeeded?  How many will continue their work without the event?  I mean you've all missed your window, right?

No!  Get it done! =)

Within BYOND

Taking advantage of improved icon manipulation, Silk Games have been experimenting with their latest NEStalgia updates.  Most of the retro MORPG's servers require players to download and install the beta version of BYOND.  The announcement was made as co-developer Spiff joined Ben and Jared for the return of the official podcast.  Another episode soon followed.

Pictured is one of the 20 monster sprites thus far accepted from the Artwork & Music Contributions board.

Robertbanks2 announced, released and updated an alpha version of a turn-based tactical battle called Imperatorum.  Check the hub for instructions.  Single-player campaigns which act as tutorials and unlock units are planned.  Eventually, completing a campaign will be a requirement before entering a multiplayer server.  Further details can be found on the Robco Development Blog.

Kyle_ZX has released an early version of a multiplayer sidescroller called Flow Physics.  Players are tasked with building tunnels in an effort to avoid drowning.  There is no hub page, but a download is available.

Jittai has updated the map generation demo for his island survival project, Stranded.  I missed its release in the last column.  Jittai is currently pondering how to store the results.

Bravo1 released multiple updates for Darkness.  The wave-based shooter received various balance and interface tweaks for what appears to be an undeclared GSD entry.  Claiming that some features might be cut, Bravo1's focus is now on the spinoff, Lands of Darkness.

Acebloke has has thrice updated his military/economic simulation Wargames with new subscriber features, fission bombs, improved rockets, interface changes and more.  If you're having trouble entering Acebloke's server, you might want to download that BYOND beta I mentioned.  However, you can always host your own.

UPDATE: Join Acebloke for a week-long cold war as he hosts the latest version with additions to the space race, spy weaponry and more!

Renaming his survival/building project Gnomeheim, Camdev posted details and videos of his progress for the GSD.  Combat and usable items were described.  Though there is no download, a server testing an invasion mode with 25 waves of enemies was submitted.

Oasiscircle continues to post videos of his action adventure, Delve.  Puzzles can now be formed with platforms and springs.  Further details are being posted in the forum with requests for feedback on classes, bosses and a level editor.

Writing A New One has announced an offsite blog for the upcoming MORPG Eternia: Prologue.  The team is set to meet their deadline with SuperAntx, Tor Crowley and Matt working hard to provide most of the spells and skills.

While still using placeholder art, Pyrodragon has been providing screenshots of his efforts to improve the interface for The Elemental Stone.  Meanwhile, the inventory system of the MORPG will be adjusted with stacking and quantity limits.

Zane444 and Chris Gayle did not manage to release a fully functional version of their multiplayer vehicular shooter, Armored Units.  However, they did release a demo which allows players to pilot various modes of transport.

D4RK3 54B3R didn't manage to complete his GSD entry, but he posted a video.  It's an alpha version of the sequel to Faction Wars.  It looks like a pretty shooter. I'm guessing the class descriptions are more legible when not shrunk to 360p. ;)

D4RK3 54B3R's project will be using that of DarkCampainger.  The latter's GSD entry was an update for his Static Lighting Generator.  A 2010 C++ runtime library is required.

PopLava is holding a contest with $100 and Resource Center credits as prizes.  Entrants will have 60 days to create an original game with an interface that should work in BYOND's upcoming Flash client.  The theme will be announced on Monday.

As my entry for the GSD, I released a version of my combative scavenger hunt, MeanderGall.  It's my first project using maps procedurally generated by my Prim BSP and Prim Grid libraries.  I'll have to do some multiplayer testing at some point and I can't decide whether I'm satisfied with the music, but try it out.

Unfortunately, this has been my first game release in quite a while and lifetime subscriptions to my multipass, Fooldom Come, were priced based on the expectation of future entries.  I'm now pricing them according to a bundle of what's already there.  Benefits in all of my present and future BYOND projects are now available for only $9.

Fooldom Come: One subscription. Many games.

Beyond BYOND

  • Remember that Schwarzenegger v. EMA petition from the Entertainment Consumers Association that I kept advertising?  Free membership to the US/Canadian group is now available with sponsorship from Red Bull.  (It's a Flash ad on the right of the page.)  Their worries about the Protect IP Act of 2011 in particular may concern BYOND.
  • The Extra Credits Innovation Awards were presented at Login 2011.  The list of winners and a video of the presentation are both available.
  • Also on Extra Credits, the team recently tried to describe the cultural differences that explain why guns feature so heavily in Western (mostly US) as opposed to Eastern (mostly Japanese) games.
  • If that's not enough history for you, check out A Brief History of Western Action RPGs on Hardcore Gaming 101.  For more of an Eastern focus, try their earlier post on 2D fighting games.
  • Experience deja vu as I shove yet another procedural generation link in your face.  On #AltDevBlogADay, Pete Garcin opines what story-driven projects can learn from sports games.
  • Back in April, Pete Garcin also wrote about designing meaning in games.  More recently, PC Gamer's Duncan Geere interviewed TigSource founder Jordan Magnuson about his "notgames" being better suited to the task due to their lack of rules.  And here on BYOND, my projects went from farting spiders to heart-wielding, brain-walking thralls.  Deep.

Don't settle for a brief mention of activity.  Get games featured!  (Want to review?)

Bah, I actually have an update due for Wargames in a few hours >.>

I could appreciate it if you could edit it slightly to compensate, but if its too much trouble its ok.
Acebloke wrote:
Bah, I actually have an update due for Wargames in a few hours >.>

I could appreciate it if you could edit it slightly to compensate, but if its too much trouble its ok.

And on that, Ace. I can't wait to see the update. Hopefully when I am at my friend's place to use his computer for actually going on BYOND I can play it and see.
I'm actually working on a better interface right now, I've been stuck with what I copy pasted from the default BYOND skin ever since I upgraded it to 4.0.

What I've got now is nothing ACWraith's quality, but hopefully it'll be appreciated.

I hope to get it up within maybe 2-3 hours and host a week long 2-alliance game.
aww that sucks, if I had started working on my project about 6 days earlier I'd have my game near complete for GSD.
Kinda sad, expected Project TH To complete it's first Demo JUST in time. Sadly school work intercepted and we got it ( the enemy mob) done a few hours after the late deadline. So we decided to pump it up a tier and include something a tier above!
hmmm I guess no one has noticed my game "Legends of Dissidia"?
Guess a 6 year byonder is past his prime?
Skipped directly to Beyond BYOND as usual. Now wishing I hadn't.

Don't understand why the political community is taking such an interest in something that will weaken the economy overall.
@Acebloke: I'll add it in a moment. =)

@Ss4gogeta0: Congratulations on getting something done. =)

I try to avoid fangames unless they're making progress on a conversion to licensed/original intellectual property. Please don't take it as a judgement of how you spend your time. I simply have to decide how to spend my own and how to use BYOND to do it.
Oh cool. I got a mention. Wasn't expecting that.
there needs to be some famous dbz updates on this maybe so keep up the byond stuff team:)
Sidsayian wrote:
there needs to be some famous dbz updates on this maybe so keep up the byond stuff team:)

you cant make dbz updates anymore...

also byond comics didnt get on here yet so i have to keep trying
Laserdog, I'm sure you'll make it.

Eternia looks awesome, though.
nice !
I like chicken and does anyone have a naruto goa rip i can use with verbs and shit
nice nice