Keywords: deep, dungeon, respawn, update
With this minor update, you can now respawn when you die!

Your dead character will be gone (RIP), but you will be able to create a new character without the need to rejoin or reboot the game.

It is now effectively possible for you to play the game indefinitely without having to shut down the game! Yay!

I have also attempted to get the game featured, and ACWraith is, supposedly and hopefully, looking into the game right now.

I'm girly nervous about his feedback!

On a side note, I've also noticed that the interface is beginning to look quite ugly. I've decided that when I change the control scheme, I will also change the interface layout. Maybe having the interface be much more like a HUD over the map will make the game look... better.

I'm not sure yet how this will be done, exactly, but it's definitely something that I will look into in the few upcoming builds.

Any and all suggestions are encouraged and welcome!
I've found two bugs:

1) Killing the last monster did not restart the game.

2) If you decide not to use your stat points immediately and continue to level up, when you do decide to use them, you can only use one point.
Please don't be nervous about my feedback. I always try to offer solutions and you can submit as many times as it takes. =)
Thanks for your review: it will definitely raise the quality of the game to a whole different level!
A whole... 'notha... level...?