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Just wondering, but how would YOU identify a troll. Most people say a troll is someone who hates on stuff just to mess around. Sadly for me i think of a guy living under the bridge on his laptop,getting wifi internet off of mcdonalds. I don't really care much about trolls but it seems kids identify someone who is making rude yet serious remarks as trolls. To me if it's's serious, don't say troll just cause it's ..maybe the truth?

Lala :P
I am troll.
Just wondering is this from Kboy remark to Vrocaan?
I'm not too sure.. often i wonder if i'm a troll..
@IH: No i was playing Modern Warfare 3 yesterday with my Brother and cousins. We were playing and trapping people in the corner with Riot Shield and were tagged as trolls. They were lil boys btw ;3

@EG: Is there a way to prove it?

@Teka: That's what i wonder sometimes. That's why im asking, because i don't want to troll anyone without me knowing im trolling first.
yeah if you trap someone in a corner and you tease them like that.. then you certainly are not being very friendly? and i could easily think your trolling.. baiting them kind of.

I'm not too clear cut on the term other than a troll says things to provoke a reaction or cause upset/trouble/argument for argument sake or so.

I was trolling about me being a troll, because i am pretty sure i do not troll :O lol. = which means i am a troll? wait a second.
Troll=/=Trolling ? is it possible to do some trolling and not be labeled as a troll... the world may never know.
Idk but according to Skyrim you can "kills it with fire"
Ahh, thanks for clearing that up for me Lige. Wasn't so sure though but i guess it get it now. Lols i feel bad now to those lil kids :P, but i see why my cousins enjoy messin with them lols.
I always thought a troll was some ugly creature that lived under bridges and had an appetite for billy goats.

Today, it's used to describe anyone who disagrees with you. Example:

Girl: Obama is the worst president.
Guy: No he's not.
i think you're wrong ET... lol ^^

Just kidding, Yeah that train of thought seems to be quite common a reaction :P
There's no such thing as stating the blunt truth anymore, all the kiddies acknowledge it as trolling because they can't handle it. Join any game and disagree with the majority of players on a subject and they'll label you as a troll, especially if they know you're right and have no argument to uphold.
Troll ^
I'm not a troll.
He's on to, retreat!
If schadenfreude is your favorite word then you're probably a troll.
Am no troll... Am ogre.
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ImmeasurableHate wrote:
Just wondering is this from Kboy remark to Vrocaan?

Indeed ;)
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