Failed Fate 0

by Alien is killer
The original Failed Fate 0 made by Dalze with updates.
Failed Fate 0: Build your own fate in a fantasy real time combat based MORPG where you can fight monsters, forge weapons, armors and collect valuables!

Play as a Demon (Fighter), Dark Elf (Semi-Fighter/Magic), Light Elf (Strictly Magic) or an Orion(Mix of all)! Learn different skills to help along the way with your leveling and PVP.

Gezzz Thats Funny You have a game thats not even up how is someone suppose to play a game thats down?
Server Just went down, should be back up soon... I hope.
Did the Coders for this version of the game leave?
Alien I wanna message you how is the best way to do that??
I am currently hosting the original Failed Fate. Add me on pager.
Testing Status

The test server is currently testing champion monsters.
As of right now 6/19/2014:
  • The champion monsters have 100% chance to drop an enchanted item.
  • Every non-boss (and certain boss mobs) have a 5% chance of spawning.
  • Champion monsters are identified by their extreme colorization and increased aggressiveness despite their normal counterpart's behavior.
  • Champion monsters have greatly increased stats compared to that of their normal counterparts.

Additional Notes Regarding Champion Drops:
The enchanted items dropped by champion monsters are set at an average strength compared to those dropped by normals. This means that a drop by a normal monster may be either a lot weaker or a lot stronger than that of a champion drop. While the champion drops will hold a happy medium relative to possible drops.

Additional Notes : Item enchant strengths are currently being tweaked and tested. Your participation will help us find a good balance for what is healthy given the current atmosphere of the game.

Testing Server
Hop on. Have fun. Help us test some tweaks!
And enjoy experience rates of 5x to 10x while we test and tweak these latest updates.
Hey guys thanks for returning the Failed Fate 0 game to the byond servers for people to play.
Sever is now being hosted. Should see close to 24/7 uptime given breaks for storms and updates.

Server has two 3ghz processers. 6gigs of ram. At the moment all dedicated to the game, so lag should be minimal hopefully :)

Your saves are restored. Expect minor downtime this week for maintenance/moving of the server to a stable location.

KNOWN ISSUE: The network the server is on occasionally resets the internal IP of the server messing up the portforwrding. Working with the network admin to resolve.
If this happens, the server will be up but will report connection failed. Send me a message on byond and I'll fix asap.
The game is down now???
The game is down now. I had it up for a couple weeks. The first week we had 12 different players log on. 5 of them were active.
The second week we had no players. One player was logged on but wasn't active.

People ask for this game to be up, but then no one plays. It takes money to host these games. I'm not about the money but it is a realistic deciding factor. Maybe I'll come back and code/host some more. For now I'm done.
It's a shame i'm sorry it didn't work out Ironguy...
Ironguy I am getting back into programming and wondering if you were interested in hosting this some more. Add and page me.