I've only done minor tweaks to the game these past few weeks. Makeii is, hopefully/supposedly, working on a true dungeon generator, which in concept sounds much better than just the maze generator I currently have.

If you've read the past blog entry, I've had a sudden interest in graphics lately. I think that the game has, currently, really fun gameplay (which will definitely be worked on constantly, make no doubt), and I think that while the graphics are good, they can be great. The skin remodeling will be coming up soon (which will include a Stat window, along with an Equipment window as well); here's a small... test/teaser of what I'm planning to do to some of the graphics of the game.

What should I focus on, now?
I have the motivation to work on anything, really, but what is it that you guys are looking forward to, mostly? A few options I have come up with for immediate attention are:
1) Bringing the marauder back
2) Making more enemies (easy peasy)
2a) Add Bosses already?
3) Making different-leveled (not floors, difficulty) dungeons
4) Make equipment

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the graphical/interface update, along with your hope for the next few versions of Deep Dungeon!
Hmm... equipments first.... people will want some treasures.
Equipment for sure!