SeymourG wrote:
Take this somewhere else, would ya?

Man i do like the pictures i did for you, better than most i have done ;D
Hey Ziddy... can you make me a CSS for my site?
ziddy you took back membership? =(

My second time that somebody took membership back again from me
hey ziddy im helping advertise your game just to help you out and also cuz i just like your game so much
np anytime i trying to get a game to work bettr and it heaven part is so messed up

Wow wawa fails at grammar. =/ Anyway, the CSS or whatever it's called Ziddy? Will you make me one? =D
Your grammar also isn't the best sir, and names should be capitalized.
I didn't capitalize it because I did not give out his full name, and I don't do that for short names. Besides, his had numerous errors.
cna u give me the port
ziddy if someone dontates can u make me sub?
Can anyone here code If can Go to Dra99s Page looking for a coder for an upcoming
Or come to my page since it is better. ;)
Ziddy who hosts has to be GM
ziddy can u give mah sub
when uh2 ganna be up?
ZIDDY99 wrote:

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