ziddy your site is good ssj trunks
The bigest scamer i saw in my life is zidyy99

-Super Coder-
Ziddy is poor as a shit
whatcha been up to?
about to pass out from lack of sleep lol.
yea this guy I know kept me up all night just talking... gahh... My head hurts...
dont worry, im better...
Okay man I made this as good as i could.
Hi Zid
When is UH2 Comeing Live :O
Nice Site Update ;)
Dude ziddy can ya host for me dude
ziddy i have a favor to ask ive been hosting ur uf1 game well yea and i was wondering if u could give me tho source or somthin so i can fix all these bugs..
I've lost my Ultimate Heroes source, sorry.
o its all good thanks anyways
And I am working on Silent Hill Online btw
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