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Hey guys, I felt some of these features might be useful to have in dream maker. I know they sure would help me, personally. They're minor and they involve file tree/object tree manipulations.

  • Copy/Paste/Cut/Move file or folder

    It would be useful to be able to do these things with files and folders in the tree without having to open explorer, preferably with drag and drop mechanisms to boot.

  • Collapsing/Opening all nodes in the tree

    In larger projects, this would help both in the file tree and object tree. Not a major feature, but can still save some time when you need to close a bunch of nodes to open space

  • Object tree: Hide by parent_type

    Personally, I use parent_type a lot and I end up with a bunch of useless items on the object tree. It would nice to have a field available to hide paths by parent_type, similar to the hide paths by type already available

  • Including/Unincluding entire folders (code and resources)

    It would also be helpful to have checkboxes next to folders which when unchecked, halt that folder from running its #include directives in the dme. The directives would still be in the dme, there would just be an added flag to ignore them when compiling the code. It could also have a signifier such as the folder's name becoming strikethrough.

    I know it's possible to do this with resources by writing FILE_DIR manually, but it would also be useful to be able to do using GUI controls

    [EDIT]Actually, I just found out that you can't set FILE_DIR manually, so the ability to do that would also be much appreciated

+1, also how about an actual interface copy paste? From one interface to another. The only current way is changing the format to notepad then copy pasting the text into the other file.

EDIT: Copy paste windows, I mean.

Been wanting this for so long.
Bump. Any chance of any of these? Specially including/unincluding folders.
Including/Unincluding entire folders would be nice :3
these sound great. i think we also need the object tree to include all icon states that exist within a certain icon file or a line of code to do so. would make coding for the map making alot easier