Pokémon: Forsaken Dreams

by Raimo
Pokémon: Forsaken Dreams
Come and join Pokémon: Forsaken Dreams. 24/7 and still getting a lot of updates!

We have just came back to revive this game, so please bear with us while we are heavily updating.

Attention: We've a preloader now. Preloader makes people join immediatly, but when they are ingame, they need to download the resources that you're supposed to load when you click Join at hub. This can cause blackscreen, unable to move and unable to see yourself when you just logged in.

Creator: Raimo(Silvershine)
Owners: Raimo(Silvershine), Anagramad(Lance)
Co-Owners: DaivonNights(Daivon), Andre19951(Andre), Rayquaza1903(Sean)
Mapper: Anagramad(Lance)
Iconners: Required
Coders: Raimo(Silvershine), Rayquaza1903(Sean), DaivonNights(Daivon)
Host: Raimo

-Player Ranks-
[Lvl Cap: 15]{Lvl Req 10} Rock: Required
[Lvl Cap: 20]{Lvl Req 15} Grass: Required
[Lvl Cap: 25]{Lvl Req 20} Fighting: Required
[Lvl Cap: 30]{Lvl Req 25} Water: Required
[Lvl Cap: 35]{Lvl Req 30} Ghost: Required
[Lvl Cap: 40]{Lvl Req 35} Steel: Required
[Lvl Cap: 45]{lvl Req 40} Ice: Required
[Lvl Cap: 50(lvl Req 45} Electric: Required
To become a Gym Leader you must have 4 pokémon of the gym type and the required level.

-Elite 4-
[Lvl Cap: 55]{Lvl Req 50} Bug: Required
[Lvl Cap: 60]{Lvl Req 55} Ground: Required
[Lvl Cap: 65]{Lvl Req 60} Fire: Required
[Lvl Cap: 70]{lvl Req 65} Psychic: Required
[Lvl Cap: 100] Champion: Required
To become an E4 member, you must have 6 pokémon of the E4 type and the required level.
To become the champion you must beat all E4 members in a 1v1, or (should we not have all 4 slots filled) beat Lance in a 1v1 spectated by at least 5 others.

-Team Leaders-
Magma: Pom583 (Pom583)
Aqua: Required
Galactic: Required
Rocket: Required
Rangers: Required
Hunters: Required
To become a Team Leader, you must have 4 pokémon of any type, except for Magma: Fire type and Aqua: Water type. And they must be all level 50. Any Team Leader who been inactive for over a week will be replaced./

what happend to the game
i see u have no iconner, i can be iconner
always on and respectfull
Raimo The Load Does Not Work
Good that the server up but it needs more players!
Yeah, I didn't even know the server was up.
great game if you need a icon artist i can help :)
i can icon if ya need an iconner i get on when i can/when it's on and i icon pretty good.......
this awesome game but theres some bugs in it
i can icon and map and i wanna have something to do so please let me be iconner.......
is it gonna come back :O
Uriel107 wrote:
is it gonna come back :O

I'm developing a new Pokémon game from scratch.
An older version of the game is up and should now be 24/7.
Anagramad wrote:
An older version of the game is up and should now be 24/7.
Scratch that, we have now got the must current version up and working.

can i become a eliet 4 fire i have the pokemon in the pc plz
when is it comming back on?
great game by the way
In response to Raimo
when is it comming back on i really loved it and when it went down it really sucked
The game is dead as we have no host, and our staff seem unwilling to work on a game that was so unpopular.
So it would seem that the game is back up, for now