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This week's Midweek Madness offer from Steam is Hydrophobia: Prophecy. Players currently have a little over 40 hours to buy it for $3.

If you'd like a lifetime Fooldom Come subscription, feel free to gift this game to me. It wasn't originally on my wishlist. However, the fact that Dark Energy Digital Ltd. has continually refined the game intrigues me. Some of the reviews mentioned how the control was made with console gamers in mind, but I find that a plus because I'm always desiring something to make good use of my gamepad. The Metacritic score isn't great, but neither was the score for A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda and I think that game is awesome.

...Apologies if these sale notices are annoying. I believe they're good deals.

If you're on Steam and don't mind that I rarely join servers, feel free to friend me. Just like on Facebook, I have no problem accepting requests from BYOND members. I just don't tend to send any.