The Steam Summer Camp Sale runs until July 10th. For those of you at all interested in my BYOND games, this is a prime opportunity to get a discount on a lifetime Fooldom Come subscription.

Here's how:
  1. Choose a game from my Steam wishlist.
  2. Gift it to me. Here's my profile if you need to friend me first. (Yes, you can friend me even if you don't buy anything.) If you'd rather use my email address, I'm ACWraith[at]
  3. In the gift message, enter the BYOND key(s) that you wish to give the Fooldom Come subscription(s) to.
If gifted a bundle, I'll award a lifetime subscription for each game included in my wishlist. If the bundle does not have a second game from my wishlist, I'll still award a second subscription as long as there's something I don't own. =)

Here are the current selections available for less than the cost of a lifetime Fooldom Come subscription:

i recommend inside a star filled sky im currently on level 135 and the enmeys have level 40 powerups
HOARD is $3 today for anyone interested.

@Laserdog: Yeah, it's in the top three of my wishlist. I just don't want to suggest a specific game when there are less expensive ways to get a lifetime Fooldom Come subscription. =)