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It took me 5 hours and 6 ranks to figure out how, but I finally got the Fireth of July achievement in HOARD. It earned me a prize ticket in Steam's Summer Camp Sale.

I had HOARD in my wishlist so I was willing to give it a shot. However, this honesty felt like a poor achievement for the event. Easy achievements have been the norm because the point is to temp people into buying and trying new purchases. Fireth of July, however, asks players to give up their only source of health twenty(!) times in a difficult side mode.

Here's my strategy. Hopefully it can decrease some suffering.
  1. As suggested by others in the HOARD forum, use the final hoard mode map, Deathspin.
  2. Go all of the way down (through the lakes) and all of the way right.
  3. In that dead end, repeatedly destroy the towns and castles that form.
  4. Keep getting pickups from that dead end's dispenser. Waste them until you get a frost breath to hold on to.
  5. Destroy castles and knights along the bottom. Remember that you can hide on/behind the water if you need to.
  6. Use frost breath to destroy the mage towers that form on the bottom of the map. Know that it won't reach the mage tower above the dispenser. I suggest dodging it.
  7. Know that you can shoot through walls. Destroy the carriages above the wall and let the knights take the princesses. That's your bread and butter. Eat the princesses from carriages below the wall at whim.

I now have all of the achievements for games I own. Garshasp: The Monster Slayer offers another for only $2.50 and it's in my wishlist. I'm just trying to leave the cheaper games until the end of the sale. It seems in poor taste for me to offer lifetime Fooldom Come subscriptions in return for Steam gifts and then buy the cheaper ones myself. ;)

PS: I don't mind if people friend me and comment on my profile for the Introduce Yourself achievement ticket.
That dragon game looks pretty cool. Might try it sometime.
I enjoyed the demo and still hope to enjoy the rest of the game. I just find this particular achievement badly timed. =)