Heroes United

by Falacy
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Rein Brought me to hfil for no reason.
he killed me then summoned me to hfil
s1 is best server

Server 3 and Alext server are best
MY oppinion is s5
Well reins server has competitive people but it isnt normal OR friendly
are the saves deleted or no and every time i try to go on it just stops at 2% this is on the main server
Alext345 Server is the best server the people who write that the server isnt good are just too weak to train themself he made a clan with good boost reach lvl 10 and join it you will get high stats fast and alext345 is a good guy he dont ban people without reason so join his server and enjoy it!
OK i banned Sunn44 cuz he wont shut his mouth he cussing the whole server saying he mad at me and he wont tell so i host ban him just letting u guys kno
You just think so would u read the chat u would understand why

Guys join his server its good ! :D
Just tell me what i did i fix it appologize and unban u
Unban me i tell you why i dont want that all see it
fal... alext345 server is completely unfair... he edits way to much... cusses at people a lot and is an overall dick to anyone besides his friends... so i request that he loses his hosting abilities or something b because if u look at older posts there are a lot of complaints... about his abusivnesss...
Dont join Pyro_Cloud513 server you want to know why ?

His gm abuses his gm power mute me for no reason

the hoster is a noob give his clan and friends edits and bans people without reason
Sunn, you're unbanned. But, you acted out and used offensive and direct language towards server GM's. I do not give edits, I just accept save files from those who played on my old server.
thats great
your just saying that so Alext can unban you
Hi all plz join my server i just made it so plz join!
Falacy people are quiting because of the lags
People are leaving because the game got harder to find. I thought it was deleted until i found the video and read the desc
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