Heroes United

by Falacy
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Does anyone have the source for this game? All i want is to be able to play a private session with my little bro and to be able to adjust the stats to my liking.
or does anyone know how i can adjust the npc stats without the source so they are permanently changed for my hosted game. ex: change raditz's strength from 100 to 200 stuff like that.
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Liljewy wrote:
Does anyone have the source for this game?

When Falacy released the source ( only to take it off a few weeks later ) some people got the source and thus how some servers were being modified, people took advantage of the small time the source was being offered and downloaded it.

You COULD try to acquire the source files from someone who already has them.

Even though like a lot of people have the source, not many are going to hand it out to you on a silver platter. Why? Because idiots were modifying their server " themselves " without knowing WHAT THE LITERAL F*** THEY WERE DOING so we had a lot of horribly modified servers that were laggy and glitchy.

The people who got the source did one of 2 things with it :

1. Mess around with it to the point that it was no longer usable

2. Did #1 'cept made a copy of it first =P

Please note, you could modify your own stats with a " save file editor " ( maybiii AZ-editsave ) but as far as I know you can only edit yourself with that.

So there's no way to change npc stats without the source files?
No there is no way to change NPC states without source and greg is right, horrible things happend when falacy released the source.
btw. there is a good movie named source code :O
No.... that means it is over ? .... Time to buy a time machine
This game should always be hosted. It is legendary.
falacy, you should turn hu into a xenoverse type of game
I haven't been on byond, this account or this game since I was around 13-14; which was about 7 years ago now. Amazed to see this game is still online, both it and byond took up a LOT of my time as a teenager, which probably should of been spent studying, but ah well hahahaha.
i miss this game so much. i used to play back in like 07 with my friend jake AKA (vincesox07). wish i got the source back in the day to preserve it for good!
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Hate to tell you, but HU is dead in 2017. But i do remember the good days. long ago...
Early teen's then, 20's now. We're capable of either bringing it back or creating better. Great memories of using this as a procrastination tool.
gms are really abusing this game. play at you own risk.
i got bann for saying ya gm are dominating both server not leaving room for players to actually dominate a server. and i got bann like i trought that atleast if ya dominating main server it right to leave side server for the regular player who want be competitive but if you start playing HU NOw trust me You wont ever be top player at all because scoreboard is taken Only By gm first top 5 gms Both servers. Honestly title abusers.
actual gm are killing this game That sad.
Shadow Rider, you were caught disrespecting GM's whom in fact do not abuse the titles that were given to them. You, on the other hand, sit here and continuously belittle my GM's for no apparent reason other than inaccurate accusations of abuse. My playerbase and GMs are nothing but helpful and supportive you inconsiderate buffoon. Also, not only that, but you were also spamming chat with absolute non-sense that me, my gms, nor my regular players wanted to hear. All my players regardless of their title including myself train fairly with the in-game features provided. You were unbanned today, so you are being given one more change but that is it you hear me?
The only form of admin is abuse.
Please, fix tutorial bug "Pressing Q button".
LOL tfw people think they own the game just cause they got their own servers LOLOL
Guys how do I get on Kamis lookout I cant and I need a dragonball
I need host files to host a server, please!
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