Heroes United

by Falacy
Join HU on Discord @ https://discord.gg/qzwzKPV
LegendaryImmortalGoku: i can let u get banned friend
My session keeps terminating.. And on byond my password keeps changing for some reason. Even when I change it. It changes it again. It's some annoying stuff :(
can u tell me how to beat oozaru vegeta
Y Cant We Macro anymore man people r going to leave dbz hu
awsome game
Why did falacy delete regular dbz hu this is hu and its way laggier
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|...Cola Truck..........| ||'|";,
|_..._..._______===|=||_|__|..., ] -
Someone keeps sending me these messages to my pager to vote for them having gm and stuff and I cant see their username on pager. OMG HELP
{Darkness Kids} {GM}Gohan @: tibenmech
{Darkness Kids} {GM}Gohan @: you wanna be ©©sasinated?
{Darkness Kids} {GM}Gohan @: so shut the fk up
That's nice. Stop multipost spamming the comments section of this game to show that the community is made up of immature morons. We all already know that you're all 12 years old with no souls.
Falacy i love your games and also thank you for making us mature pepole feel bad. Lol
lol falacy
0.0 I like cereal and chocolate milk. Reply back if your with me ;)
people come play on my server wich is usually open! reqular tournaments and fabulous prizes fo all!
all u have to do is blast him and then go power up
im going have to say grats on bringing the heroes united game back on and changing things up man hope your do good this time:) this comment is toward to falacy
You shud make the split form skill have the same stats as the user. And make a skill for goku- instant trans kamehamehaa. It would be cool. :)
it is awesome :)
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