Heroes United

by Falacy
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why cant i log on dbz hu
falacy the router port doesnt word at all it doesnt let me host hu1 and i tried everything help
Falacy For Some Reason I cant get on hu
every time i try to get on planet server3 it always says failed why falacy?
hey what do i need to do to play this game again
falacy mute dragonballgamer225 and jayjay1000 or banned why because dragonballgamer actually hacked me and gave one of his freinds my pass for jayjay can you please ban or mute jayjay1000? and dragonballgamer?
how to reset password for trading capsule? if u know reply please
um can omeone please give me lifesub?
Falacy im wonderin how i host, i try a couple of timess & it says im not subcriber but i did subscribe
You shouldn't even need to be a subscriber to host the current version.
falacy love your game i kinda feel bad cuz focus training doess seem dicking
falacy just an idea but you should make another trainning like weight lifting that gives you all stats like 50 pound gives you 50 stat points each 2 or 3 sec just a thought?

idk gara im mad/sad/bad looking/bad boy lol but i had subscrition i was saving up for something i spent my last 6 dollars on my sub and the dang server is down!There was no reason 2 spend my dang money on tht stupid sub
um dose anyone no why server isnt up yet? if its up tell me k thanks :)
some of theare back hopefully yellow =p
why server 2 down?????????
Falacy why the fawk did u remove the player house item saving!!! i worked so hard on my house and now its all gone to waste. can u send me a personal version where player house items save so i can add it to my server?
Brasil Eh Pentacampećo XD
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