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^ You heard it right ! You need a 24/7 laggless host ? Feel free to Page me or give me a shout on the comments, that's all ! Thanks!


PS: - Become a Fan on my site, for a bigger rate chance of me replying back to your Hosting request ;D.
haha charging rips 1 dollar for hosting. that made my day. (:
I want to see your porfolio on the website design.
@Liam Howe

by website you mean, my site, or DoC site?
I made DoC's site... So I guess yours..
Alrighty .
2 days later lol.
add my MSN: [email protected]

and i kinda need some 32x32 icons.
;O. Howe, mesg me on Pager or MSN, I keep forgetting! ='(