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Terraria is 50% off on Steam for the next 18 hours or so. That means the lone game is only $4.99 and the 4-pack is $14.99!

It's on my wishlist, but there are cheaper offerings for those who want a lifetime Fooldom Come subscription. I just figured this a lot of you would want to play and maybe join the BYOND server.

Also note that the final Summer Camp Sale ticket prize, Alien Breed 2: Assault, is a full game! Schnitzelnagler and I almost missed it. =)
It's strange you mention Terraria, I'm going through the source code right now..
Already bought and played through Terraria.
Too bad the game's so -short-, it doesn't have the infinite grab that Minecraft has in my opinion because the building is so horrific and limited compared to Minecraft while the main part of the game, exploration and advancement of your equipment are limited to only a week of enjoyment. ):
What's the byond server?
@Mecha Destroyer JD: I have not joined it myself. I've only been told about it by Steam friends in the BYOND group.