Shin Itsuki Saga

by King-manga-man
Shin Itsuki Saga
Fun and 100% original game by Jonaz and Troj.
King-manga-man wrote:
Whats your live account?

[email protected]
This still happening?
Status Update?
whats going on with this bro XD
Just some quick news on the status of this, I've been wondering how this project should proceed for awhile now, ever since i lost the original source along with all of my progress, I'm happy to tell you all that i will be starting fresh and putting my free time into making sure this game see's the light of day, I've changed to story line a little, feel free to read the description on the hub and tell me how you feel about it!
Story line is a nice it could use abit of beefing up tho ...but it's nice lol.
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