State Model

by Stephen001
A library for creating finite state machines.
A finite state machine is a graph-like model of some interaction or behaviour, with "states" being nodes on a graph, and "transitions" being edges between nodes.

By constructing a finite state machine of allowed interactions or behaviour, you can apply all kinds of data input to the model, and states change only when their respective criteria is met.

Provided the model is correct, it is then impossible to end up in a programmatically wrong state, that could cause runtime errors.
So, this would be good for people who want to create their own "things" during runtime?
This would be good for all sorts. AI, conversation routines for Mass Affect etc. style dialogue and so on.

I'm personally incorporating it into a parsing engine.
Take all of your libs and turn them into the most awesomest game on BYOND. k?k