Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Eternal Flame

by Kwame46
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Eternal Flame
A Hitman Reborn game for the community. Will you become the greatest Hitman to have ever lived?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Eternal Flame

Main Staff

Co Owners: (AceFTW),Jake,Trey
Head Admins:Jurei,(Darksidedoom)

*Game Production Team*

Npc Iconner: Keri
Coders:Jake, Keri
Mappers:Isamu, Keri
Map Iconner:Scar
Hub Artist:Jimmy Le, Zero
Update Manager:Ace, Zero

<~Game Rules:~>

1.No Spamming any type of chat
2.No spamming moves (Use more then 4 times)
3.No punishment avoiding (Will result in a bigger punishment)
4.No mass remaking(Remake limited to 2 times a week, If caught suspended/ban)
5.No bug abusing (The game will be more fun if you report it)
6. No attacking in Safe Zone areas
7. No advertising it is disrespectful to the owner and those that made the game.
8. No anime names
9. No racism or religion comments
10.Respect other players

<~Game Moderator Rules~>

1.No Abusing power
2.Respect higher Gm Authority
3.Follow player rules and Gm rules
4.Don't get more then 3 reports about your conduct
5. Don't give items/prizes out that are above your rank
6.No banning someone for no reason
7.Be fair when judging
If anyone can help with pixel art please contact me [email protected].
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