The Zanpaktou's Cry

by Ledgendary_Duelist
The Zanpaktou's Cry
New name same game ;)

Welcome to Bleach: The Zanpaktou's Cry

Boss Man= Xenos
Head Admin=None
Head Enforcer=None
Trial Enforcer=None

General Rules:
Requires everyones attention!!!
1.)No asking for source.(You will be ignored or banned.)
2.)No insulting Staff, Results in Instant Ban.
3.)No asking for GM in game. You will first be directed to apply on forum. Anything else will probably decrease your chances of being picked.
4.)No killing near spawning points.(you will get banned.)
5.)No insulting the players.(you will be muted, then you will be banned temporarily.)
6.)No advertising, it is disrespectful to the owner, and the players.(you will be host banned)
7.)No Spam Killing.(you will be booted,then banned if continued.)
8.)No Flaming people in OOC.(you will be muted, then banned.)
9.)No NPC or owner names.(you will be banned by key right away.)
10.)No Racism Comments.(you will be muted, then banned right away by IP.)
11.)No "Safe Zone Killing".(You will be banned for a day then a week.)
12.)No going to gm room.(booted,jailed,muted, then banned)
13.)No full capped words in OOC( Muted for two minutes( if followed after that muted for 20 minutes)
14.)Only kill inside barrier to the right/left of the hospital.(booted,jailed, if followed banned!!!)
15.)Theres no Free Race Resets, if u want it earn it in a tourney or restart.
16.)No spamming bloodshields and trapping yourself in there..
17.)Dont bug gms for ranks.
18.)No Bug Abusing!
19.)No Bleach Character Names!
20.)Street is SZ not just area infront of hospital.
21.)Arena and Fenced area are the only PvP spots.No More Complaining its Final!
22.)If a gm tells u to shut up about a subject, listen to them. we will not be responsible if they ban you for not listening.

Game Master Rules

Please Read Carefully, and follow them.
1.)Do not abuse your GM powers.(Loss of Powers.)
2.)Do not insult higher level GM's then you.(Degrade and or loss of powers,+ban.)
3.)Never ask for a promotion.(You will either have loss of powers, or a major downgrade.)
4.)No banning someone for no reason.( Loss of powers+ a rebound on whatever you did too that person.)
5.)You must follow most player rules. You are only regular players with special verbs.(You will get a downgrade if you do not apply to this rule.)
6.)You must help any player that are in need of help.(You will result in loss of powers.( You must do your job.)
7.)No summoning players to gm room at all. No prize for tourny to go to gm room.(degrade, or loss of gm)
8.)Only the owners can host a tourney for Gm Room.
9.)Be fair when judging. Dont just skip right to the harsh punishments.(demoted or loss of gm)
10.)Don't give people member of a family. Only if the head or vassal isnt on.
11.) Do not give a Tourney Prize that ur Lvl of Gm cant give unless someone who is a Higher Lvl is ONLINE and accepts it.
12.)Do not boost yourself or other people, this game will be fair to all players and all stats will be earned by training. (Pwiped, if repeated loss of powers)
Owner here, this game used to be bleach heart of the vaizards, since its under my name i figured id use a new name. Hope everyone enjoys it.