Added my application for a CSS hopefully its not to hard lol!
Edit: I just saw that you dont want to make any CSS. Mind telling me someone else who could do my request?
Ooo this looks cool :D.
Hi, do you think you could do my CSS please ? Atrivos3 recommended u .
Its kind of off, and you should tkae away the "Older Comments" Link at the bottom :S... Other than that its nice =3. Btw, its jester this is my new account.
Lol ok and yeah I realized I just havent had the time, ive been working on a new css.
Yeh, fixed my css and now it's awesome :P
It is nice indeed, but maybe you should have the Reply box at the top, i was barely able to get the Box to show AND scroll down to type at the same time.
If you don't have a mouse it is rather awkward lol.
I'm surprised you didn't say about the out of place save button, it doesn't line up properly on some browsers.
i dont have a mouse, i have a touch pad. lol.
I have Firefox, it lines up good with it. xD
Also try Capping "P" in the "Peeps" Box. But what you did with the CSS, i think is amazing this time, far from plain.
Ha ha cheers.
Do you mind working on DM blog's CSS?
are you able to make me a nice CSS with drop-boxes like you use? :D
if yes, il give you a theme describtion :3
I don't Do CSS for other people anymore it started to get on my nerves the amount of vague descriptions I got so I gave the whole thing up, I'm more a game developer now.
Understand x3
Hey, its miranda (and I don't have you on pager lol) why am I host banned on PNG? I just got my admin back too -_-
I have no idea lol, and why don't you add me on pager then.
Because, I am lazy and didn't want to wait until you accepted my add :B
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