Angel Falls

by Teka123
Angel Falls
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
Keywords: programmer
I think this looks more like a Post than the Ad intended it to be, which was missed by a lot of people so i'll make this and delete the Ad.


I doubt i'll pay but i Really do need help some help, i wish for someone else to care about my game as well.

Angel Falls is a Fantasy RPG i started making a little over a year ago, I've spent many months with no progress, due to my lack of programming capabilities, I've had tones of help from friends but no constant programmer who really cares about the game.

Hub Link:

I've had many helpers but the real staff are just Me and MechaCloud and Currently part time Dariuc.

What i seek is.
A Programmer who wants the game to do well

Not to pushy - I'll listen to anything but don't change systems without me knowing.

A capable efficient programmer who is confident in their work - I'm no slave driver :)

Preferable someone i already know and trust - as i have a few issues lol.

Would be nice if you used dropbox :)

Basic Story
The Game is set in a Fantasy world where the player is a fallen angel among many other angels banished to a world for as unknown reason.
Guided by the inn keeper and a mysterious Shade your adventure to discover what you did is where the game aims to lead you from place to place getting stronger, seeking revenge or finding the light to correct your errors you will decide and become either an angel or a demon in a world full of wonder, humour meme's, adventure, exploring and more.

After making a Classified Ad i got quite a few unknowns who offered help that i could not make up my mind on, but in the end i got an Ad from Dariuc which was very promising so i sought his help and he has done some very significant work but he has his own projects he wishes to work on so i cannot rely on him either :)
If you don't find someone else, I'll take on the job since I meet all of the requirements(as far as I know). I need a break from working on the same game for a year and a half anyway. I'll work for free, too.
Lately, I been busy with all sorts of things (especially in real life). However, when I find the free time, I will try to do whatever I can to help. I charge nothing anyhow.

One of things I have been doing lately is planning for an ambitious project outside of BYOND. It won't be over-ambitious like another project I was planning for years (I mean literally close to 10 years; months before I even joined BYOND). Hopefully, I could achieve some form of cross-platform status with it (still under consideration).'re totally a slave driver :o j/k
Teka I would be more than happy to help you. I can do a lot of programming and have some neato ideas for Angel Falls. I'm glad that it is back up and running :)
Yo Teka, I'm not currently working on any projects. (actively anyways)
Thank you so much everyone i appreciate all your offers :),

I do still have Dariuc's regular help, but i have recently got help from SnipeDragon a well, and he may not be the best programmer here, but he's capable and he certainly cares about the game, so Thank you!, I hope some of you will still offer some help if i ever need it again, but for now i'm doing fine :) !
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Le you ignoring me? xD Soya. Have you come to a decision of if I should be like "HAY GUEZ I R SO PRO?"?
If you can't find anyone, i could help out a little bit.
Hey Axerob thank you for that as well!

It looks like my reply before iobject's was not obvious enough :P

I'm going to lock this as i Did find help and am pretty happy with the team i have and of their care towards helping the game :)