by Flysbad
I'm sick of waiting.
I kinda agree with Xirre, Its been how long?
-checks date-
"Date added: Feb 15 2013"
Flysbad, You are KILLING many of the members of the byond community! They ALL ( Almost ) want to see this!!!
Atleast release a beta or something!
:3 Flys. You dickwad. Lol.
Dat face...

(actually kind of does look like flys)
He doesn't look like that.. Or does he?!
BTW the reason why development was so slow was because we both found jobs and didn't have much time to work on the game.But we've really started picking up the pace recently and just know that we'll never give up on this.
Who needs a job? Tch.. But seriously, if there's nobody around to help out, I don't mind completing some requests and sending the code. All I'm doing in my free time now is completing my 3D game.
What do you mean by requests?
I didn't know you had a 3D game, When will it be released?
o.O There's no release date because It's still being worked on.

And what I mean by requests is if they need something fixed or something updated/added, I can simply write the script up and send it to them or fix a chunk of script they send me.
Ahh, But you are going to release it when you finish it, Right?
No clue.
Don't listen to Bteks, its a trap!
Shutup, slacker. Lol. I won't listen to you until you listen to me.

new base

Pretty much all the state's are done for the base

Thanks for the update. :) Everything looks nice.
Any public tests coming up? :)
Lol. I hope they have them. If they do, Flysbad is still allowed to host on my utility. I think he may have to log on again to get his verbs back since I wiped everyone's verbs due to a bug with the update that I just didn't feel like trying to revert.
I am starting to think that Flysbad is dead.
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