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I'm always online. I just don't show online. People page me too much.
Well, I could use someone to help me test my game out in a while here, I just need to get my hosting setup. I want to test CPU Usage, and how the game runs. I don't have much. Just basic necessities. But I do have about enough to test out the game. For sure.
Well, try connecting to this: byond://
Nevermind, not right this second. I need to do one more thing.
Bad timing. I have practice in a few. I will be back home in a few hours.

I will invite a few of my talk-to-buddies.
Okay, sounds fine.
Well, I've downloaded Skype. My name on their is: Ogichidave
It would be easier for us to communicate if you are still interested in helping me test my game, I do need some help testing it without hosting it for the public.