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Update for Tanx, version 0.3. Most of the old foretold 0.3 updates were moved to 0.4. I did a few big things in this update and after all the trial and error I managed to skip doing half the stuff of the list for 0.3. Here's what's been done...

Ver 0.3
-Updated the AI, occasionally they act dumb, but for the most part, they're pretty competent.
-Removed old map
-New map: Coutryard
-New spawn areas
-Team selection available. (R,B,G,Y)
-Background image added to fix clicking bugs.
-Changed respawn format. Chat is no longer spammed, a nice little label shows up now.
-Chat still gets spammed with "Killed" and "Killed By" stuff.
-New interface.

Check it out and let me know what you guys/gals think. =)

If progress on Tanx slows down it's because I'm now technically working four projects at once.
- Enemy can see off screen
- Hard time seeing my cross-hairs
- Laggy to start. Consider loading screen.
- AI is too good (perfect aim)
- Game seems so fast that there is little room for strategy.
- A hit feedback sound or visual would be nice
- arrows on edge which show incoming tanks. Perhaps they get bigger as the get closer.
- Healing at base once every so often would be nice.
- "Stick with me" to control AI a little bit.
- Slower moving turrets might be added fun.
- Concept of territories might be fun and give the AI and player something to do. Just a few circles on map that if you hold, turn your color. If you own them all, you earn points.

Nice work so far.
Think this occurred when I left my hosted game.

runtime error: bad client
proc name: respawn (/mob/proc/respawn)
usr: null
src: Tsfreaks (/mob)
call stack:
Tsfreaks (/mob): respawn()
Tsfreaks (/mob): death(AI (/mob/AI))
Something weird happened while playing. It's as if I clicked through the game to the browser behind it. I'm noting this because I just read your version changes and see the "clicking bugs" thing.

It could have been a fluke.
Ah, it's a timing thing. there's a few sleeps and it only checks for the client at the start. If you leave anywhwere in the 5 second frame you'll get an error. I'll add in some sanity checks so that doesn't happen again =)
That's... strange o__O;

The clicking errors were because there was nothing in the background, so when you clicked a black space that was blocked by opacity, nothing would happen, or if you released the mouse in that area the turret would fire constantly.

All I did was add a hud object in the background so that the click would register properly.

For your issue though, I have no clue, I'll have to check it out myself later when I get back tonight.
It's looking great and you're progressing well. =)
It could have been a mis-click on my part but it felt weird. I was in the middle of the map.
The AI targeting is pretty well balanced IMO. They're easy enough to dodge one on one with most weapons, but multiple enemies will take you down fairly easily.

I like that they don't just ram into eachother and start firing as often, too. That's a nice touch.

Keep up the good work, it's looking pretty nice so far.
Thanks. I also made it so that you can move through Tanks on your own team, it seemed that sometimes two tanks of the same team would collide if they had different destinations ad it caused them to basically freeze in place.

I've noticed a new bug where they sometimes spawn with no turret or something like that. I'm figuring out the issue, bit there's always 3 members on each team, so it seems like it's an annoyance more than a gamebreaker.
Have you noticed that moving diagonal doesn't make you move at a 45 degree angle? I think it's related to Pixel Movement's newest "fractional movement" feature.
It's actually not the fractional movement. It seems to be due to the speed limiting for diagonal movements. Before when you moved diagonally you would actually travel faster since you'd be moving at max speed in two directions.

The code is completely sound, but for some reason vel_y always seems to turn out to be 0.5 more than vel_x. I'll try to find a way to fix that and let F_A know about it.