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hey dude i was wondering if you would be interested in a paid pixeling job.. [email protected]
Currently working on Rocket Down.
Hi. When you're done with Rocket Down, I would also like to talk to you about a deal for the art for my (non-anime/non-fan) fantasy game.
Dude Akto! I'm your third fan T.T check Lugia319's and Slic3y's page, I was their third fan too! I'm on a streak! >: )

You must be honored to be fanned by me sir..
@Trueseeker - Lol I am honored! :3
Can you tough me code
@Addmelol - Huh?
hmm ? lol
OMG... it is lovely!
Really lol :)? you never really said what you wanted lol, but i saw the privileges, so here we go.
I wasn't sure what I wanted yet, but this is looking great. I love green!
for some reason Green seemed to be the color you would like, well i wont be on-line much longer, so this will do for now ok? if you have any suggestions i can do it for you later :)
Okay! Thank you!
Hey, Akto! Page me asap when you read this message, thanks.
:O, Akto-ling HQ & Ace HQ now? :D
Yesh! :3
Are You Makeing A One Piece I What To Help
No, where did you hear such a thing?
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