Oh... that was about 2 years ago..
Can you gift me the game then
As I said that was two years ago and that would be the old version of the game. Both the new version and the old version have been lost.
are you going to remake the game
Not anytime soon.
What's up Partner! Nice changes to the HQ :)
Remember when we talked about the Mob copies of the game and turning them into images? This is my attempt at it, give it a shot.
loc = 1,1,m.z
pixel_x = m.px //Considering that your using Forum_Account's lib
pixel_y = m.py // These are Sidescroller lib vars
spawn() Fade(m)
for(var/mob/mb in m.view(10)) // The ten in view() should be slightly larger
mb << src // than the amount of tiles the player can see.

var/icon/ico = m.icon
icon = ico
icon_state = m.icon_state
for(var/n=0, n<4, n++)
icon += rgb(0,0,0,n)
sleep(2) //or however long you want, the lower the number, the quicker it fades
del src

I'm not a programmer for LIMBO, if you wish to speak with the project owners, contact Kazuki or Akto.
Lol Tru.. I think he was talking to me.. this is my comment section. xD

And there isn't anything special about the chat system. What do you need to know about it?
I use Bravo1's on screen chat library.
I can't seem to find it listed anymore... I'll post if I find it.
Well you don't have to use it... learn from it. That's what I did generally...
Cloud Magic wrote:
And it sucks...I hate Bravo1's shoddy programming methods...

Try Jemai's ChatBox
Cloud Magic wrote:
And it sucks...I hate Bravo1's shoddy programming methods...

Yeah that chatbox I made was terrible.

Jemai definitely has a better system.

I considered remaking it but I'm no good with libraries 0_0;

I'm more of a proof of concept kind of guy, I like to try and make it work, no matter how hacky the code and then I leave it at that.

I'm considering jumping back into BYOND though, I haven't seen anything spectacular come out since I left and I'd like to think I'm much more disciplined than before. Hopefully I can make something nice that makes up for all the crap, lol!
That comment is almost a year old. ;3
Yes it is, I've been gone for almost two years though so it's new to me XD
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