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i just donated to u names Edwardbush12 sent it from iconn2 paypal
i want a life time sub
Invoice has been sent to your paypal for your server.
Hello ^^ I play Bleach Eternity, and I cant play it well due to my (sucky) Computer, and Id like to try out the new game version offline, how would I be able to do that? (The download on the site is the old version)
can u confirm my 12 month sub on bleach eternity
Hey man, i just subscribed to your game for a month to try it out. maybe a lifetime sub next time!

- Crow
All subs will be refreshed when server is back up, no worries. :D
hi Silenced its been a long time since i had chance to be on computer :D thanks for showing me your game lately
If you guys are trying to get ahold of me i'll be active here in Discord. Feel free to join.