Well, as of today, my paypal transfer still hasn't been completed. So, I'll issue the contest from my blog.

Simple Developments Contest

As promised, here is the contest..

Keeping with the ideas of developing fun, simplistic games that can be released after a few days of work. I would like to see what you guys can come up with between now and 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) Friday afternoon.

Use your resources and see what you can come up with. You may be surprised.


Create a multiplayer universe where players can compete with one another. (Whether it's PvP or competing in a board game, competing against each other in a puzzle atmosphere. You decide)

The entry must be playable and submitted to this blog post by 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) with a link to the hub.

The Prize!?!

The winning team or solo developer will receive $10 cash via paypal.

In other news

I apologize for the short post for the contest and for the fact it's over an hour late as described by my last blog post. Work took a little longer than I had expected today, and I'm quite tired.

As soon as my paypal clears my transaction (which should be tomorrow) operations will begin to set the guild's site up. If you wish to help or want to submit your game to the guild, go ahead and use my forum for the time being, until we can get ours set up and into operation.

As for the contest, that's basically it. There isn't alot of guidelines as long as it's multiplayer and competitive you'll be set. Again I apologize for being vague or too short.

Any takers?
Let the games begin!
I'll try. I suck with ideas though. :/ The hardest part for me is deciding on what I want to create.
Oh, and happy 10th BYOND anniversary.
Albro1 wrote:
Oh, and happy 10th BYOND anniversary.

Hey! thx I forgot about that :D
currently delvoping a game its a mix between stickmen maze and scary maze
Ill give this a go
I'd join if it wasn't coinciding with Pop Lava contest...
Please increase the deadline by a few days. 0_o I had stuff to do this week.
Well ok ill try.but can you increase the deadline by a few days please ill need time to work.
Just under 7 hours remains. Get your submission and link to the hub page in before 1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)

I may need EmpirezTeam and Lige to judge them. I will be working almost all night tonight. The cash prize will be awarded first thing tonight or in the morning. Give your paypal email address either to ET or Lige so I may send the cash. They will leave it in the Staff forums (if they'd be so kind :D)

Thanks in advance for your participation and submissions.
Any decision on the the winner yet?