Digimon Legends

by Liight
Digimon Legends
A fun Digimon game using an isomatric map!

Welcome To Digimon Legends

Capture Digimons, fight your way to the top and get as many Digimons as you can. Challenge friends or do quests. You know what ever you do, you'll have fun playing this game.

Enic Advisor
Harzar Motivator
VixiV Pixel Artist
ImmeasurableHate HostGame

Special Thanks to our fans <3
me had fun in the testing :D
Glad to hear that , sorry about the lag.. We're working on fixing that.
Very nice that I got banned by the host, without a reason. Thanks, Liight.
Uhh im not the host and i didnt know you got banned ill talk to the guy who banned you.
will game ever be back up
I'm truly sorry guys but with school i hardly got time for anything. So i asked Demon to find someone to finish this game.
Hope he'll find someone, goodluck with school dude!
Thanks, i might continue to work on it. I don't know yet.
Can't wait untill this game back up
You Guys Really Do Love This Game Huh?
:D so immesurable is helping this game now woop.... ima add a link to this on mine
ooo sorry liight ur co owner is here :D
make me co owner ill be back tommorow
I would love to help this game out. I can program and pixel art.
I'm currently working on the game againg. Battle system is fixed. We beta tested it the 1/30/12. Everything went well. I will speak to Demon to see whats next on the list. Lights back ;]
i can host if you need one
I might need you add me on the pager. Notice that its only a test so please don't expect any special verbs.
i can be hoster ?
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