Digimon Legends

by Liight
Digimon Legends
A fun Digimon game using an isomatric map!
I can be hoster?
Please Liight
Is this game an RPG?
I do need a permenant host but he has to have a great connection and has to be on a lot.
Liight your such a Bewb!!!. Why does the hoster have to be a he XD. BTW Good looking Digimon game couple us are awaiting your staff's prime judgement when the updates are ready enough for daily hosting =O
Three things,game is awesome,when will the game be back up and does evolution have any stat effects?
They do now. And It will be back in a few days with major updates.
is the game discontuined ? D:
Hm, kinda curious why...just felt like you couldn't work on it anymore, or it was gonna end up too buggy to fix? xD
Same here I'm curious too...this game was really a good game
Too many bugs
why dont the game master just put it for download like digimon revolution
or just make that game stay on top by using dream deamon go in file and press stay on top
if you a tired of hosting the session let me host it i am
AundrePrezi in the game
i was playing this and it said my connection closed and now i cant get back on it.Anyone know why/?
When is the game gonna be back up?
I told our host to stop hosting. The game will be back up tomorrow.
ok will the event still be on tomorrow?
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