Digimon Legends

by Liight
Digimon Legends
A fun Digimon game using an isomatric map!
ok lol i might be on all day



Itll be up today is a 2 day event. Im just updating.
why i cant connect to the game world? Stuk and "Connecting to byond://......."
is the host not on or are you the host?
light its me xero are u updateing the game to fix the bugs?
ohh so will it be back up when your finished?
Yep. But that will be tomorrow
Gl with that and srry for so much problems i cause with bugs
that happened to attached to me like a magnet x.x
Dont worry about it. I fixed them.
so will it be on today?
Are u updating light or is the host busy?
today was kinda extreme...light u okay?
why dont you make and host digimon tamers type of game cause to tell you the truth this game wont get over 6 people at max.. with tamers type you'll get around 40-50 players at max or more

AND if you want a good dbz game with balance gameplay and fair gms go to Dragonball GT Serene Destruction.. could be the next top game throughout byond..
well just to tell u bash this game got over ur so called
max of 6 people and some of us are waiting for a certain
In response to Bash08
Well well Bash, long time no see, i have to tell you, what you are saying is just RIP Digimon Masters without any creativity except for making the maps.

I understand you like/love Digimon Tamers/RPG/Savers but that game is history, as long as Drune doesn't want it up, or does not have any time you'll just have to wait, and not ask someone else to make something like that.

Also, don't advertise other games here.
Bash this game got over 10 people most of the time. And Ner I removed the game from download Ill bring back the old host if thats what you guys want.
In response to Liight
Would be cool Light, because the current hosts all canīt host, probably strict or moderate NAT, so i would appreciate it if you would bring back Nekuu or someone else that IS able to host.
Think a lot of people want you to keep updating it as well xD it is a decent game, but all that's moot if it isn't going to be updated.
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