Digimon Legends

by Liight
Digimon Legends
A fun Digimon game using an isomatric map!
Hmm.. I'm actually studying Java now. And I want all my focus on one language. Thats why I kinda don't wanna update D;
In response to Liight
u don't have to update if ur busy right now light
mainly i think having the host back to host the game
is the main point right now cause the games better when
a the host is reliable.
Ok I'll talk to Nato
Is the host busy light cause the games been off for an week
I'd host but <_<
Ask light.
He has the hosting files If he wanted to host he would have done it already. Theres no reason to ask me. Ps I stopped working on DL. I'm now studying Java. As for the game, I still dont know what to do with it.
...whats going on...
Liight, if you really don't want to work on it anymore and can't find a host, i might be able to start working on it, with your permission.
Add me on Byond, MSN, or my Gmail.

Byond = Rioshima
MSN = [email protected]
Gmail = [email protected]

Whenever you need a temporary host. I've somewhat quit Byond but I don't mind hosting for a couple hours to test for bugs ect. My Server won't be perm so no1 get soo attached with me if I decided to log on and have a few laughs

* Excuse the username used here.. My little brother used my labtop to log in a Yu gi oh game LMAO*
Is this game going to be Live?
Why is this never up when i want to play TT-TT
P.s U lookin for a tester or and Iconner i can help ju out if you need it.
Games dead.
-.- Just my luck and with all these files too >.> but o well XD
In response to ImmeasurableHate
Damn, this looks so awesome game!
Ahh... I hope it will be on some day :/
I ahve the src just not as updated
what do you Need for the update???
I aint updating it >.>
In response to ImmeasurableHate
Aw, man...
This really looks one of the best Byond anime games... :/
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