"How can you smile with your lips wrapped around a loaded gun? Just look around and see that life is beauty."

-The Great Hendowski by Of Mice & Men

So I was wandering around my computer and realized I kind of just left Zombies! in the dust. Well, I haven't slept since I woke up at 2:30pm yesterday and in that time I've completely changed the general direction of gameplay. It will now be a Survival/Shooter with some arcade aspects. Such features: Level-based rounds(you beat level 1!). I will implement pixel movement later tonight and if I don't procrastinate anymore, I should have a demo up by the weekend. Hopefully including a couple levels.


All the icons are done by me in the past 24 hours so ignore the amateurity. Regardless, leave any comments/suggestions/etc. below and I will get to them. I'm tired so I'm going to crash, despite it being noon.

Totally should join OoA team. Lol i'm gonna start on that again. Finally back (i think) anyways we have a lot of extra space for people to join.

PS. GOOD LUCK on your ZOMBIE! Game
Nice. I like the screenie. Keep up the great work! ;)
Awesome. Would expect nothing less from you.
the icons look perfectly fine