**Menu screen WIP (UPD4T3) from a few months ago, not much on it's going to be changed but I figured I'd post it since this is basically a repost.

Naruto Online is back in effect; base is being redone and I (UPD4T3) have another person helping out, Swiftley. That's all the information I can give at this moment since I've been out and about.

My personal project, "P4" is what I've named it for now, is taking a different stride. I'm going in a different artistic direction with it and making it more unorthodox or "wacky". Definitely not going to be anything you'd expect it to be.

Out of Ammo (OoA) is being slowly revitalized by Mes. There isn't much information on that either.

I'd expect that Naruto Online will be out sooner than anything else, so you'll probably see more on that.

Uh... that's everything I think.

P.S: Probably going to undergo another email/name change, UPD4T3 is completely out grown.
Well done, young grasshopper.
Believe it or not, I missed your mindless trolling (not saying you're trolling now).

Thank you.
ET. Troll this narutard </rage>

Anyways, good luck, I guess.
ET is just happy there's no NLD screen ;)
Masterdarwin88 wrote:
ET. Troll this narutard </rage>

Anyways, good luck, I guess.

I grew out of Naruto, but I figure I shouldn't leave a half finished game unattended if someone could find joy in it.
mes is back?
Zane444 wrote:
mes is back?

Sort of, not sure.