Base is being revisited (since it's basically done), which means that the animations, colors, etc. will be refined to make it look better.

Testing, yes, testing. I'm hoping to have a closed beta for combat testing, as well as tests; the combat will revolve around solely taijutsu. Everything will slowly be built around that, but taijutsu is the core of the combat in this game (I hate jutsus being spammed) so it'll be damn close to phenomenal, with the help from the testers.

With the testing builds, they're going to be released pretty often and I plan on having a variety of different testers for each build so I can get different feedback.

More information on testing will be given after I, myself have figured everything out.
If you would like to help, check out this link regarding that information: Application Prerequisites
Good luck.
Branks wrote:
Good luck.

Thank you both.
Hope it works out.
SilencedWhisper wrote:
Hope it works out.

It will, no worries. But it'll only work if I get good feedback since it's a fan based game