by Heyya46
Winner of the Simple Developments Opening Contest!

Game I made for Yusuke13's Simple Developments Contest.
A simple game; Deal a random amount of damage to your opponent, whoever keeps winning, is lucky, simple enough?

Xerif who helped me with all my random bugs.
Tyga, Hashir and Ark who hosted the game for bug testing whenever I asked.
Base icon taken from here - (If it's a rip, let me know.)

Game Notes:
Version 5
Fixed Stat() bug
Fixed Cash saving errors

Version 4
Match Wagers/Betting
Fixed Timer Bug

Version 3
Added 3 Medals
Cash Gain/Loss

Version 2
Removed HTML
Increased AFK Inactivity Time
Fixed Challenge Bug

Kyle_ZX wrote:

*Slaps on Kyle_ZX's face*
*Laughs because we're all dead"
This is the beginning of the end. Haha.
That was an interesting story, can I go to sleep now?
Try harder?
Thanks for your submission. Congratulations on your victory!
As basic as it is, the theme fits pretty well.
1: You can challenge yourself

2: Cash is broken

runtime error: list index out of bounds
proc name: Stat (/mob/Stat)
usr: IfStatement (/mob/Player)
src: IfStatement (/mob/Player)
call stack:
IfStatement (/mob/Player): Stat()

A. Freaking. Lot.