I'll be a guest if you want. :DDD
I liked it.
This was great, I hope you both keep it going for a long time, I don't follow blog posts that much, but being able to keep up to happenings with this is really great. I also like that you mentioned contests, this could be great to find out about contests without being two months too late... Anyways, great job, looking forward to more.
Just an alert to anyone that reads this.
We're holding our first public event, multiplayer gameplay of BYOND Classic: Tanks by Shadowdarke today!

Read about it more here!
Click on my page.
Cubanbling wrote:
Click on my page.

Is there any reason to posing a link to your page? All it does is show sample pixel art and more or less a "I can work for you" ad. Because if you were posting here to alert them to add you into the next podcast, you really missed the part where they told you where to contact.
Gotta love that Byond Bullet sound! (Is it a bullet or some sort of fireworks being shot off?)

I really like BYONDcast! It's like a Byond radio talk show. xD You guys did great. I listened while playing an FPS (sfx and voices turned down of course.) Eitherway, it keeps me connected to Byond so make more.

Listening instead of reading text walls was actually nice o.O
He's a Pro pixel artist. They should contact him. lol
@Zane444 Are you talking about Eternia?
Im referring to EG's post to Cubanbling's post, mainly due to the fact that he refers to himself as a pro pixel artist.
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