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First BYONDcast Event - 8/7/11 @22:00PM USA Central Time

For those of you who don't know what the BYONDcast is, you can check out our debut episode over at BYOND Journalism.
If you like what we do, you should Follow BYOND Journalism or Subscribe to Hexbitgames, as we'll be uploading all episodes on that Youtube channel and posting each episode on BYOND Journalism.
New episodes come every Saturday and Tuesday. And we've got something special lined up for Tuesday to get people in the spirit on community gaming.

We're going to be playing and recording a game of Shadowdarke's Tanks!
I already have a shell waiting for the game to be hosted, so no troubles over hosting.

If you'd like to join in on the fun, optionally post a comment here telling me you'd like to and then show up at the time ready to play! Preferably a bit earlier than the time so you can learn how to play, although the game is fairly simple. ;)

Now this is the most important part, because if you don't do this, this will only reach to the edge of my friend circles. Please spread this article to your friends.
We want as many people as possible!

Thanks so much, we'll definitely have fun!

*cough* incursion
@Zxcvdnm: Incursion isn't as fun to watch gameplay-wise and the games last ridiculous of time, which unfortunately I don't have.
Although I agree it is a completely golden BYOND classic I'd prefer to keep to things that have some action to them.
Perhaps later, though?
Count me in
@Aishot13: Awesome. Remember to spread it to people you know, because we want a lot of people to show up! (:
Ight ill spread the word on games
@Aishot13: I don't want flat out advertisement, I think that would discourage people even more.
But if they're interested I guess it's fine..
I mean to my friends on games
i will be playin this game u know it man
@ChibiGaming: I was expecting that this post would appear much later in the day in order to get maximum views, but EG was on early today it seems! ;)
Deleted my post by accident, my bad.

OT; I'm in ^^
@oasis: you could fast forward through the game, like one of those time lapse videos of clouds and shit. lol
@Zxc: Yes, but then we wouldn't be able to comment over it, or if I did I would sound like a chipmunk.

For the actual BYONDcast, we're only showing a few highlights and then uploading the full video of the event separate.
Awww, my favorite game and I won't be able to play. Damn you dial-up!
I'd love to play !
Hmm when will this happen tho?In how many hours?
From right this very moment it will happen in exactly 4 hours and 50 minutes.
I'll be there. :)
@Writing A New One: Awesome. Make sure you invite some other people if you can! (:
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