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Lots and lots of things have been happening, projects floating, progress made, and all sorts of personal goals achieved. Since the BYOND community played such a big role in shaping my talents, and since I have so many friends here - I'd thought I would post a quick update.

Verm and I

Have been toying around with ideas of making a game that would take advantage of BYOND's new Isometric capabilities. The idea was to make a very moldable-player driven Tactics Fighter Sims that would allow players to customize and share Characters, Skills, Equipment, Maps, and Storylines.

We've also began to work on Efencea again, something that I'm really looking forward to sharing once we've made Significant progress.

I've been

Working out of a creative media angency bassed in Philadelphia. I'm a web-developer there, which is Ironic because I'm sure everyone thought I'd end up as some kind of Designer. I've learned a lot about programming and it all has allowed me to have a more balanced perspective on all types of creative projects.

We're starting

A Webolization company called Webolize - we're going to specialize in making Websites and helping companies establish their web presence. It's all still in the works, you can check out our Facebook and Twitter - all forms of exposure is greatly appreciated (Share, likes, word of mouth) and anyone who comes to me with a solid referral will receive a nice finder's fee.

Let me know

What have you guys been up to? Haven't really kept up with BYOND news - any links to recent highlights would be awesome.

I went to your site and your art is amazing. I can learn a lot from your pixel art. I hope to get as good as you!
Thanks Boxcar, I really appreciate the compliment.

If you add me on AIM (TayokoArt) or Facebook I can show you around some awesome tutorials that really helped me out!
Definitely some great website designs there. Bookmark'd so I can look at getting you to do me a site in the not-too-distant future.
Welcome back. You haven't really missed anything great around here. I like the website designs so I think I'll bookmark the site as well :)
Ganing wrote:

[Insert Maniacal Laughter].
With art like that, something much more could be done then some isometric project. :'(
Like what? My favorite pixel art game happens to be Isometric (FFT).
Tayoko wrote:
Like what? My favorite pixel art game happens to be Isometric (FFT).

if that's what you want go for it, it inspires you to work and nothing else does it seems. But a basic exciting game could be made.