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Prism is a multi-player dungeon crawl. Groups of 5 players explore a dungeon and defeat normal enemies and boss enemies together. End game content allows for 10 and 20 player mode, which gives access to extremely challenging boss fights and epic loot.

Job Description:
We're looking for a pixel artist capable of drawing sprites and tiles for an isometric dungeon crawl. The below image captures nicely the type of artwork we're looking for:

This will be a paid job. Contact for details.

Contact Information:
All serious offers may be sent to nefarious.development at gmail dot com. Thanks!
What image?
Fixed. Thanks.
Skimpy armor AND a tramp stamp? Sign me up!
Too insane for me lol. Can't do spirtes. Damn. Those look sick though. Would love to play the game
You could easily make a Ogre Battle-type game with those sprites.

Wow wee, that would be awesome.
For the record, those sprites are from a game called Quest of Legends. The art is done by Nick Lee.
I'm sad now.
Seems like you're looking for Industry-level quality work. If you feel as if you're budget is on par with the quality you're looking for: contact me.