Before I left to go out for the night, I finished most of the Aburame Clan jutsus, which are also being revisited. The Uchiha clan is being finished; Chidori, Crow Clone Technique, and some other move I can't remember need to be finished. I'm gonna have to revisit the fire jutsus, but that'll be easy.

I'm in the process of getting a new CSS for this blog, and I'm trying to find time to write up a design document for what I want in the demo; I received very few serious suggestions followed by Yut Put's expected post, so the first demo will be scarce until then, but hopefully not.

I'm going to be home at around 6pm EST, so I'll probably start grinding down on work.

Oh, on another note: I'm helping out Xyber and MDC on their SDBO game. It's going pretty well, I'm hoping to learn a lot from the artist that's amazed me since my arrival here and first sight on Dragon Sagas.