by Fantasie Productions
A multiplayer RPG based on my novel in the making ,"Fantasie"
Fantasie is being re coded from scratch :( The systems are going to be remade. However, the icons will stay the same. We managed to get more artists, and enemies and turfs are being made. I've already been working on re coding and I've gotten far. The game is going to be strictly HUD. And the interfaces are also being remade.

In other news, Fantasie has hit over 500 enemies. Their concept art is already drawn and colored. Now this is potential, but most likely, the new enemies will be added. I'd say around 90%.

Interface isn't really fully complete, but I'm constantly updating it every night to work with the new features such as complete window control.
-Selecting a Window size
-Being able to scale your view on a ratio of 1:5.
The HUD will simply adjust themselves accordingly to your window size and view.
-Improving the combat system, and reworking every formula.
-Dynamic description boxes now appear when you lay your mouse over any items/important buttons.

The base now has all the completed states, and over 10 classes are planned in.

Now seeing what happens when you make a release date, we've ESTIMATED one, and the game will be released late December. Any time around the holiday.
What to expect:
-A level cap of 45
-At least 4 sections (which branch off other maps)
-All or most of the the classes
-This means all passives and skills(up to lvl 45)
-64 enemies
-Fully functional combat system
-Complete HUD, with all the random/fun HUD features.
-and More.

We will have 1-2 closed testing sessions every month, including August, especially since all the turfs/icons are speedily reaching completion.
Haha, sounds really wonderful and looks terrific. (Referring to the screenshots) take your time, can't wait for the end results. Good luck! :)
you told in the saloon that u would release probalby by august 15th
Well I don't know who told you that, but that was before we started the remake. That's none of your business to declare, especially since none of the team has joined The Saloon AFTER I made this post. And according to this post it says December. So it will be released December. However, yes we may release test servers around August 15th, maybe late August or early September. With school starting though, it may be troublesome, how ever I finished half my classes already so it shouldn't be a problem. I dunno about the rest of the team though.
Part of me wants to say "Why is the code being rewritten? I pretty much made the entire game's core for you!" but the better part of me realizes that after I began exploring C++ and Java I now look back on my old code and just realized how awfully unreadable it is (however, it's not by any standards bad code, as it was very optimized and mostly modular). I'm glad Fantasie is going somewhere, despite our previous problems. ;)
Haha, any previous problems should be forgotten. I'm not familiar with Fantasie's past history, but yeah. Looking through your code, it was an amazing job, and honestly I had nothing against it. It's just as the new programmer, it felt as if I had just tooken an unfinished Naruto rip and tried to finish a game with it. See where I'm getting at? So, best thing to do was to rewrite. It's not that it was bad code, it's just that I'm not used to your code.