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It has been one week since the first server of WotM went up. Game was open download for a while as a demo only playable to about level 5. Now the game is playable to level 20 with new areas coming just around the corner.
Introduced new classes. Here is some info on the classes. Do note that players can unlock and learn skills from other classes skill trees.

Warriors are the master of weapons. They can earn weapon skills quicker then any other class and use special elemental attack skills. Great class for tanking as they earn the heaviest armor skills.

Monks are power houses. Not as varied in weapons and armor as a warrior is, they do make up for it with being able to deliver multiple attacks during their turn.

Thieves are a lower tier warrior with the addition of being able to steal items from their enemies. Thieves can master the art of speed and can really build up their speed later down the road.

BardNew Class!
Bards are on tier with thieves when it comes to equipment, but bards specialize in the use of song and dance. Each song and dance can buff the party or debuff the enemy. Some can even heal or hurt others.

Wizards are frail in their use of equipment but a master in the art of combat magic. Wizards can deal damage to groups of enemies at once and inflict status effects.

Clerics are balanced in a few areas but don't stand out to the other classes in those areas but for one. They deal in healing and protection magic. Clerics are the main medics of any group.

Druids are followers of nature. They have the power to adsorb certain types of magic and then can use those magics themselves. They only need to see the magic casted by an enemy to learn it's use.

SummonerNew Class!
Summoners can collect the essences of monsters and channel them to attack for them. Whenever a monster is defeated in combat there is a chance for the summoner to absorb that monster's spirit. Summoned monsters will appear when called and do one attack for the caster.

New passive skills have been added. These are unlocked to learn like any other skill/spell in the game, but they don't need to be activated to use once learned. Some passive skills include reducing the chance of being ambushed by monsters or doubling your speed during battle.

Some features planned for adding (features may be changed or dropped later based on execution)"
Blacksmith shops. You can find special ores on your adventure and turn them into the blacksmith and he can make new weapons for you out of the ores.
Shovel. You can acquire a shovel and dig for buried treasure around the world. While the chances of finding treasure isn't high, you can dig up almost any tile.
Possible chance of a list reorder option.

Some of the icons are being redone to look of more quality and colors are being changed to get a better look.

We will be looking forward to the next expansion update adding in more quests and places to visit along with a raise in the max level to 36.